Suspected of driving under influence

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Hello 5weeks ago police took me in a rutine control when i was driving by car. I'm not using anything at the day when they catch me, but police officer wanted to take the drug test, so he decided to take me to legevakt and they make me a urin and blood test. On urin test he see I'm smoking marihuana, so he told me i have to wait on results frome blood test arround two weeks, but i still dont get any information about my case. They are still keeping my driving licence so I can't drive to my job. I want to ask maybye somebody of you know what they can do if they catch me when i driving by car now?? I'm sure the blood test can't show anything bad because im smoking few days before and just 0.1g(like a one puff) Mann, 23 år fra

RUStelefonen svarer:

If you are caught driving when your license is suspended, they will suspend your driving license for 6 months extra. You will also probably receive a fine, up to 2000-5000 kroner. You can read the relevant paragraphs, 24 and 31 here. You have no guaranty that the blood sample will be clean, but drugs usually disappear from blood faster than from urine. That is why urine samples are the main source in drug testing. If you are unsecure about how long it will take before you receive any answer from the police, you can call them and ask.

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